I Remember...When God Showed Up:
A Journey of Faith
I Remember...When God Showed Up:
A Journey of Faith
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Have you ever stopped and thought about all the magnificent ways God showed up for you during your journey of life? I Remember . . . When God Showed Up: A Journey of Faith walks you through my life and even allows you to see, perhaps, some of your own similar life experiences along the way. It is filled with inspiring accounts of how God worked through life-changing events—from a miscarriage, a near death accident, to starting and building a successful business. It will definitely  cause you to remember when God showed up for you!  
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What Others Are Saying...
"I finished the book. I cried most of the time. It’s hard to put my thoughts about the book into words.   This book is awesome. I can relate to a lot. The amazing thing that I take from this book is my faith isn’t as strong as I thought it was. When it comes to my health I have no problem. I don’t worry about my health. I KNOW God is a healer and I will be healed again. When other issues arise, my faith is limited. Throughout your book you showed you had/have remarkable faith. I have already changed the way I think about situations.  Thank you for being obedient and writing this book. It has already helped me and I’m quite sure it will help everyone who reads it." - Deb
"Last night of my cruise and I stayed in bed and finished reading your book. What a blessing! I enjoyed every word. Thank you for sharing how awesome God is and reminding us to remember the many times he has shown up. Continue to be blessed while blessing others." - MW
"Wow, wow, wow... is all I can say!  I started reading the book and couldn't put it down. Each page, each chapter had me on edge. I must admit that I didn't know what to expect, but this book was well worth the read." 
Take The Journey of Faith...
In I Remember…When God Showed Up: A Journey of Faith author and entrepreneur, Denise E. King, shares a powerful message of enduring faith in God to overcome life’s challenges while choosing to bare some of the most difficult and yet victorious times of her life. This work reminds us all to remember God and the countless times he healed, helped, and hastened to our rescue. In the end, we are encouraged in our faith in God, knowing that if God did THAT (the thing of the past), he can certainly do THIS (the current challenge you may be facing).  For more information on the author, visit MsKingSpeaks.com.
Remember When God Showed Up For You...
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